February Faves

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Remember when I said that I was going to post more in February? Can we just forget I said that because I obviously failed? Anyway, howdy reader! Thanks so much for making your way to my corner of the internet. It’s the end of February, so it’s only right that I do a FEBRUARY FAVES. Here’s some of the stuff that made me go “yaaaas” this month!

1) Getting back to church

I’ve really been wanting to strengthen my walk with God, and getting back to church was on my list of things to do. It felt good to be back and be spiritually fed. I had the pleasure of trying out a new local church this past Sunday and meeting some lovely people. It was so warm and welcoming and I look forward to going back.

2) Bumble BFF

Right now I’m a major homebody and I’m also in a brand new state. Everything is so new! Not to mention that making friends as an adult can be hard. It’s a different experience, but not impossible. I tried Bumble BFF and wasn’t too impressed with it the first go around. I decided to give it another shot this month and I do not regret it! I’ve met some lovely young women that I look forward to getting to know more. One I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting in person! I definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to meet new people. Just make sure you’re safe while doing so!

3) Want You Back by 5 Seconds of Summer

My boys are back! After a well-deserved break, 5 Seconds of Summer finally released a new single and I’m obsessed with it! In this lyrical confession of missing an old flame, the boys offer a new sound. Want You Back is more pop than their past songs, but the subtle guitar riffs remind you that even though their sound is shifting gears, the boys are still very much rock influenced.

4) Love Lies by Khalid and Normani

For the upcoming film Love, Simon, Khalid and Normani teamed up and made magic! I love this song, and the video is amazing too! Despite the major contrast in their voices, they compliment each other wonderfully.

5) Thomas Halbert

Meme-loving Thomas Halbert gives me the skills and knowledge of a beauty guru and the humor and honesty of a humble human being. I love his chill persona and what he stands for. Thank you, Thomas, for reminding the YouTube world that you can be down to earth and into beauty.

6) Downtown Tucson

WOW. GORGEOUS. 10/10. WILL FOREVER RECOMMEND. This past Sunday I had the pleasure of exploring more of the Downtown Tucson area with my mom. We enjoyed a lovely lunch outside and admired the scenery. I adore this area. For those who enjoy the excitement and opportunities to explore that Downtown LA provides, but are looking for less stress and traffic I highly recommend checking out Downtown Tucson.

7) Walking my dog

It’s the simple things that can often be the most fulfilling. I started walking my dog this month and we honestly both benefit from it. We’re both getting exercise, and we’re both given the chance to explore my beautiful neighborhood. The neighborhood I live in is gorgeous and quiet, so it provides me with the best peaceful walks. I just get my chocolate lab on his leash, play my favorite songs on Spotify from my phone, and explore for 30 minutes.

8) Subway’s rotisserie chicken caesar wrap

Good job, Subway. My taste buds will never forget the beautiful moment we shared when I tried your rotisserie chicken caesar wrap for the first time. It’s delicious and healthy! I just replaced the lettuce with spinach, added red onion and I was good to go!

9) Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago

This documentary was amazing! I sat down and watched this last week with my dad, who has been following the band Chicago for years. It was super interesting and filled with stuff I had no idea about. It was really cool learning about the group behind some of my favorite songs.

10) Problogger

While I’m trying to get out there more as a writer and find jobs where I can do so, Problogger provides me with some awesome opportunities. They have an online job board that shows you who’s looking for writers. I’d recommend this site to anyone trying to get their work out there.

There are some of my favorite things from February! What are some of yours? Comment below because I love checking out new stuff! I’m really looking forward to March and the cool stuff I’m going to be working on. Thanks so much for reading and being part of my journey. I hope you had a prosperous February! Here’s to March!

Nothing but mad love,

Ambizzle ❤

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